Golf Course Tour


Hole 1 / Par 5  
 Black 557 
 Blue 544 
 White 501 
 Red 465 

Hole #1

The journey begins on a beautiful par 5. Aim your tee shot to the right of the bunkers on the left and safely lay up to guarantee a par. Go for the green in two and be careful of going long or left.


Hole 2 / Par 4 
 Black 374 
 Blue 333 
 White 291 
 Red 269 

Hole #2

Standing on the tee your first thought may be “Go for it”, but a slight miss hit and you could be swimming. Play smart from the tee and you are sure to make birdie.


Hole 3 / Par 3  
 Black 174 
 Blue 156 
 White 133 
 Red 103 

Hole #3

Be sure to check the breeze on this hole, a subtle shift in wind can leave you short or long. A two tier green be precise with your shot or this could be a three putt hole.


Hole 4 / Par 4  
 Black 355 
 Blue 330 
 White 318 
 Red 284 

Hole #4

From the tee hit a straight shot down the fairway, but be precise with your approach. Come up short and you may find yourself in steep faced greenside bunker.


Hole 5 / Par 5  
 Black 503 
 Blue 489 
 White 466 
 Red 399 

Hole #5

A straight, uphill par 5 this hole for the long hitters is an eagle opportunity. If you are laying up, be precise and be warned. The further the second shot goes, the tighter the fairway is protected with deep faced fairway bunkers on the right.


Hole 6 / Par 4  
 Black 470 
 Blue 433 
 White 404 
 Red 292 

Hole #6

Deservingly the number 1 handicap hole this uphill par 4 is an outstanding test. An excellent drive is required and an even better second shot, be prepared to get up and down for par.


Hole 7 / Par 4  
 Black 503 
 Blue 489 
 White 466 
 Red 399 

Hole #7

A severe dogleg to the right, the smart play here is laying up. Be sure to hit it the right distance, short could leave you with a tricky shot, long could leave you with an even trickier shot and right could leave you in a cluster of bunkers. This green is large with a severe swell on the right side.


Hole 8 / Par 3  
 Black 194 
 Blue 178 
 White 157 
 Red 140 

Hole #8

You must be accurate on this par 3 as it is being guarded by two steep bunkers on either side.


Hole 9 / Par 4  
 Black 428 
 Blue 396 
 White 373 
 Red 335 

Hole #9

A fairway bunker guarding the right side and another lurking down the left requires an accurate shot from the tee. Pick the right club with your second shot and avoid the left green side bunker.


Hole 10 / Par 5  
 Black 480 
 Blue 461 
 White 443 
 Red 414 

Hole #10

Making the turn this short par 5 is a chance to start the back 9 under par. Go for it with your second shot successfully and you are sure to get a birdie, but beware of the well guarded green with water on the left and a deep faced bunker on the right.


Hole 11 / Par 3  
 Black 167 
 Blue 150 
 White 139 
 Red 114 

Hole #11

The shortest par 3 on the course, go for the middle of the green and par is a guarantee. Do not go long, out bounds is lurking close by.


Hole 12 / Par 4  
 Black 412 
 Blue 382 
 White 354 
 Red 325 

Hole #12

A sharp dogleg left accuracy is a must from the tee. A well placed tee shot will leave you with a simple second shot. A large green, placement is important, otherwise a three putt could occur.


Hole 13 / Par 4  
 Black 410 
 Blue 388 
 White 362 
 Red 324 

Hole #13

A dogleg-left, standing from the tee you have an option. Play safe or go for it! Cutting around the corner will leave you with a short shot, but cutting it too short could leave you the hazard guarding the right side.


Hole 14 / Par 5  
 Black 515 
 Blue 482 
 White 457 
 Red 419 

Hole #14

A double dogleg, this hole can be a great start to the final holes of a round. Play safe and you can get an easy par, go for it and you could easily find trouble.


Hole 15 / Par 3  
 Black 186 
 Blue 157 
 White 129 
 Red 108 

Hole #15

One the largest greens on the course, ball placement is a must.


Hole 16 / Par 4  
 Black 433 
 Blue 404 
 White 374 
 Red 299 

Hole #16

A dogleg left, beware of cutting it too close to the corner. Out of bounds and deep swells protect the left side for those trying to make this challenging par 4 an easier feat.


Hole 17 / Par 4  
 Black 372 
 Blue 346 
 White 337 
 Red 310 

Hole #17

A short shot off the tee keep your driver in the bag, go long and you could be in the water.


Hole 18 / Par 4  
 Black 407 
 Blue 381 
 White 356 
 Red 242 

Hole #18

Ball placement from the tee is very important to ensure par on this visually intimidating hole.